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OCC and Oakland University expand Transfer Articulation Agreements

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November 06, 2018
Oakland Community College and Oakland University leaders have signed new articulation agreements that will benefit even more students at both schools.
The objectives of the newest agreements include helping transition qualified students from OCC to OU in pursuit of Science, Nursing and Social Work bachelor’s degrees. The agreements are effective through October 31, 2023 and subject to review for continuation after the initial five years.
The agreements increase the amount of transfer credits for all three degrees and ensure seamless movement of students between schools by offering course equivalencies that transfer to OU. Time-to-degree is extremely important, and with these expanding articulation agreements, students are only paying for courses they need. If students know they want to earn a four-year degree, the entire plan is laid out for them so they know the endpoint when they sign up for their first course at OCC.
“These newest articulation agreements build on the solid foundation we have between our schools and offer even more opportunities for students to have straightforward degree paths, utilizing the benefits that both OCC and OU can offer,” said Dawn Aubry, Director of Undergraduate Admissions at Oakland University.
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at Oakland Community College Dr. Cathey Maze added, “Today’s expanded articulation agreement signing opens the door for even more OCC students who want to continue their education and earn four-year degrees. By coming together and empowering our students in this way, we provide a pathway to greater achievement in our commitment to excellence in education, student success and economic growth of our region.”
Specifically, the agreement supports students:
  1. Earning an Students can earn 72 credits from OCC and only have 52 credits left for OU’s bachelor’s degree.

  2. Earning an associate degree in Applied Science - Nursing at Oakland Community College to continue in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Oakland University. Students can earn 63 credits from OCC for completion of their associate’s degree in nursing. An additional 30 credits will be awarded for successfully passing the NCLEX-RN for a total of 93 credits. Then, students will have only 32 credits left to earn the
Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at OU.
  1. Earning an associate degree in Applied Science - Health Related at Oakland Community College to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Applied Health Sciences at Oakland University. Students can earn 84 credits from OCC and only have 40 credits left to earn OU’s Bachelor of Applied Health Sciences under the new agreement.
Oakland Community College students consistently make up the largest numbers of transfer students to Oakland University. In 2017, 28 percent of OU transfer students came from OCC. Interestingly, in the 2017-2018 academic year, 22 percent of Oakland University graduates had attended OCC during their academic journey.
In addition, Oakland also offers the Transfer Admission Guarantee to OCC and Macomb Community College transfer students. For more info about TAG, visit
Bridget Kavanaugh, Director, Marketing & Community Relations
(248) 341-2020